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FAQ - Products

Does the price of the poster also include the frame?

No, posters and frames are two separate products. The frame must be purchased separately in our online store under "Frames".

What paper are posters printed on?

In Poster Polytechnic we use only the best German poster printing papers. The first of these is "smooth matte photographic". This is a fully matte paper with a weight of 230g/m², much thicker than standard poster paper. The second "Fine Art" is a paper created in the German manufacture Hahnemühle, which consists of 100% cotton. Completely acid-free, does not contain bleach, weight is as much as 310g/m². Most commonly found in art galleries and museums. Perfect for a gift or for enthusiasts of top quality papers. Its full name is Hahnemühle William Turner.

Is it possible to order a customized poster size?

It all depends on what size it should be and what poster from our collection the request is about. Please contact us by phone or email regarding this matter.

Is it possible to print a poster with your own motifs?

We only print posters that can be found in our portfolio. We do not print individual prints.

What are the differences between the presented poster frames?

We have three types of frames. Painted wooden ones are made of solid pine wood. They have a classic rectangular profile. Seen from the front, the profile is 13mm wide and 20mm deep. Oak ones are made of solid oak wood. Unpainted, with beautifully visible oak details. Viewed from the front, the profile is 13mm wide and 20mm deep. Aluminum ones are made of painted aluminum. Viewed from the front, the profile is 9mm wide and 18mm deep. All of our frames are manufactured in Poland. More information and pictures of frames can be found in "Frames".

When I purchase a poster and frame, do I get an already framed poster?

Yes, when you purchase a poster and frame, we always frame the poster. The framing service is free.