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Science Girl & Science Boy

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Posters for children Science Boy & Science Girl (scientist girl and boy) was created to promote science among children by presenting science in an interesting and fun way. Poster Polytechnic commissioned a group of artists to prepare a series of posters on this topic, each of them having complete freedom as to the theme, implementation and choice of the artistic style in which the poster will be created. The idea itself was born of a Ross Geller comic from the series "Friends" - Science Boy, episode "The One with the Mugging" (season 9, episode 15). There, the scientist boy's main power was "A superhuman thirst for knowlegde."

Poster for children

Children's posters can add variety to every child's room. The graphics on children's posters available in the offer of our online store evoke nice associations, they are joyful and full of colors. And, as you know, colors play a key role in a baby's development. Posters for children stimulate their development and have a positive effect on their mood. A room decorated with children's posters will be a great addition to this interior. Posters for a child's room can take various forms. From complex pictures full of colors and motifs to extremely simple and minimalist illustrations. Each children's poster is sure to arouse the toddler's curiosity.

Posters for the children's room

When arranging a children's room, it is worth remembering about accessories and choosing them so that they have a positive impact on the baby. So that the child feels safe in it, and that it can enjoy the time spent in its corner. Posters for children available in our offer will be a great decoration for a toddler's room and will certainly have a good impact on stimulating his imagination.

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